How To Thoroughly De-clutter Your Life

De-cluttering can be so much more than just throwing away some things you no longer want/use.

Sometimes we need to take the time to de-clutter every aspect of our lives. Leaving us in a far better and organised place.

So today I’m going to give you ten things you can do to ensure you thoroughly declutter your life. Continue reading “How To Thoroughly De-clutter Your Life”

Fitness At Home | Doing On A Budget

Fitness is an interest to a lot of people, and torture to a lot of other people. Nevertheless, it’s something I am hoping to do more often and I’m sure some of you reading this are too.

If you’re also like me, you feel limited on what you can do due to funding, or even due to not having the confidence to exercise in a gym or just around other people.

So today I’d like to offer some suggestions on what you could do. Whether it be with a small budget or no budget!

Continue reading “Fitness At Home | Doing On A Budget”

How I Ensure I Drink Enough Water

Consuming enough water was something I never used to be bothered about at a younger age. I’d have a glass on hand at night and I’d always have a full bottle at school, but other than that I’d stick to drinking juices, fizzy drinks, tea’s, and then maybe water – should I fancy it.

Over the last year to year and a half, however, I have come to be more focused and interested in consuming the correct amount of water my body needs. Continue reading “How I Ensure I Drink Enough Water”

My skin care tips

As I’ve hit my twenty’s I’ve realised my interests in makeup have shifted to skin care. While I did always try my best to have good skin (combination, acne prone. I hate you, skin!) I’ve definitely tried to become more dedicated to taking care of my skin.

Besides, I’ll never get a flawless makeup application if I don’t start off with a well-kept, and prepped base!

So I thought it would be fun (and perhaps beneficial) to share with you some tips and tricks I follow and have also learnt! Continue reading “My skin care tips”

Wardrobe Clear out Tips

Whether it’s a spring clean, a change of season, or it’s just about time you get to it, we all get to the point where we need to clear out our wardrobes.

As someone who never really knew the best way of going about it, I feel like I never used to truly get rid of everything I wanted to. Since then, and after having a few purging phases, I’ve found a way which definitely helps me out.

So with that, let’s get into it. Continue reading “Wardrobe Clear out Tips”

Escaping Writer’s Block

¬†As a writer, it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all experienced writer’s block at least, well, a handful of times.
The fact that I’ve been putting off writing this current sentence for a few hours should easily tell you I’m dealing with it right now, (whoops?) anyhow, there are some things which can help me get through it, and continue writing again (like now, woo!) so let’s get into it!

A big thank you to Fran from for suggesting writing this post, your help got me inspired and going! Continue reading “Escaping Writer’s Block”

Nail Care Guide – From A Qualified Nail Tech

Hello everybody!
So today while I was sorting out my nails, I figured that I could share with you some ways I find are the best for taking care of your nails – while I’m not working as a nail technician, I did get qualified April last year (2017) and through my training and practising I did learn some things I’ll be using for a while!

If you’re interested in hearing about me getting qualified and set up to work as a nail tech, let me know!

Before we get into it, a short backstory on my nails: I used to be a severely bad nail biter. Up until I was 13-ish I used to bite my nails. A lot. I’d bite them so much that I’d end up with stinging pains because I’d hit the hyponychium (the bit under your nails protecting you from infections, etc) I knew I wanted to stop and finally have nice nails so I managed to get through it! Since then, I’ve done what I can to ensure my nails stay strong and healthy, while I don’t always keep up with this 100% of the time (I’m only human after all) I try my best to set aside some time to really care for my nails! Continue reading “Nail Care Guide – From A Qualified Nail Tech”