Sunshine Blogger Award


It’s the Sunshine Blogger Award!
Super thankful for being nominated for an award which gets bloggers to promote and uplift each other!

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Wardrobe Clear out Tips

Whether it’s a spring clean, a change of season, or it’s just about time you get to it, we all get to the point where we need to clear out our wardrobes.

As someone who never really knew the best way of going about it, I feel like I never used to truly get rid of everything I wanted to. Since then, and after having a few purging phases, I’ve found a way which definitely helps me out.

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Nail Care Guide – From A Qualified Nail Tech

Hello everybody!
So today while I was sorting out my nails, I figured that I could share with you some ways I find are the best for taking care of your nails – while I’m not working as a nail technician, I did get qualified April last year (2017) and through my training and practising I did learn some things I’ll be using for a while!

If you’re interested in hearing about me getting qualified and set up to work as a nail tech, let me know!

Before we get into it, a short backstory on my nails: I used to be a severely bad nail biter. Up until I was 13-ish I used to bite my nails. A lot. I’d bite them so much that I’d end up with stinging pains because I’d hit the hyponychium (the bit under your nails protecting you from infections, etc) I knew I wanted to stop and finally have nice nails so I managed to get through it! Since then, I’ve done what I can to ensure my nails stay strong and healthy, while I don’t always keep up with this 100% of the time (I’m only human after all) I try my best to set aside some time to really care for my nails! Continue reading “Nail Care Guide – From A Qualified Nail Tech”

A Writer’s Gift Guide

Hello everybody!
Today I thought I’d bring you this gift guide which you can use for ideas for your writer friends. Whether they’re bloggers, authors, freelance, anything! Sometimes you know what to buy somebody, and sometimes you just need help. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

My aim for this guide is that it can be for any occasion. Birthday, Christmas, any sort of holiday or event where you’d be gifting them something.

Note: when searching for gifts, or even gifts on a budget (Again, we’ve all been there. We’re not made of money!) I’d highly recommend you look through Etsy, Depop, and even eBay. Depending on what you’re after, you could find some great things.
If you want to keep shipping costs low on Etsy, you can filter it to only find items from your country! Helps you with the overall cost, while still helping small businesses!

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Surviving Millennial’s Etsy Store!


Hello everybody!
Today, we are finally talking about what you may have seen linked at the end of my last few posts. Our Etsy store!

Our store is SurvivingMillennial (we couldn’t add a space) and we currently sell blogger and girl boss inspired prints.

I use the word ‘currently’ because we hope to add more prints (and more ranges) in the future!

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Pressed Glitter Palette Review | AD

Legacy CO. are no longer online. Feel free to read the review, but no links will be in the post.

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be talking about this gorgeous sparkly palette!

I’ll be going over all the details, the packaging, the glitter (and my favourite colours in here!) the price, and how to apply it!

But first of all, can we please appreciate the glitter here?

Glitter Palette Swatches
How beautiful is that when the light catches?!

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