December Review | January Goals

This was originally written to be published at the start of January, but I ended up having an almost month-long break. Despite nearly being in February, I still wanted to post.

December for me was a very hit and miss month.

I had plans to be working for the entirety of it — or at least six out of seven days a week. To be saving money with said temp job for our house. And to overall be working again and regaining that confidence when it comes to working fulltime again.

While I was severely disappointed in not getting a response — I worked with them last year, and expected to again this year — I continued working on my blog.
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My January

January 2018 for me, personally, has been a bit of a strange one.

Over the Christmas period I worked a temp job Chaperoning the kids who were involved with the local panto show. The whole thing, rehearsals and show days, were just an absolutely incredible experience for me. I honestly loved it so much.
The job consisted of me working six days a week, as we always had one day off, and the job didn’t end until December 31st. After that, I had a week before I was back at my part-time job, which gave me a huge adjustment period. Continue reading “My January”