Privacy Policy

Surviving Millennial’s Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on: 24/05/2018

Surviving Millennial is based at

This page informs you of our privacy policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the site.

Blog Notifications:

To stay up-to-date and never miss a blog post, you have the option to ‘follow’ the blog.
•Wordpress users: Pressing the ‘follow’ button means Surviving Millennial’s posts will be seen in your ‘reader’ feed, as well as receiving an email notification each time there is an upload.
•Email followers: You’ll be asked to insert your email into the text box before pressing the ‘follow’ button. Once you have done this, you will receive an email every time there is an upload.

Your email will only be used to send automatic emails informing you of the blogs latest upload. They can only be seen by the admin, and shall not be used for any instance other than the stated automated emails.

Should you no longer wish to receive these updates, simply go to your most recent email, scroll to the bottom and select the ‘unsubscribe’ button.


To enter a giveaway through the blog post, it shall state that you must include your email when commenting on the post – creating your entry – to be entered.

There is a separate section in the box where you can include your email. Doing so will ensure no one else is capable of seeing your chosen email.
If you are a WordPress user, you are able to use your account to enter.

Entering the giveaway ensures you are content with Surviving Millennial reaching out to you through the email should you be the winner, as well as giving us your home address to send you the prize.

Your information shall only be used to reach out to you, if you are the winner, and to send you your prize. Once this has been done, your personal information shall not be used in this, or any similar manner again. The only exception to this is should you win another giveaway in the future.

Commenting on blog posts:

Emails are a mandatory piece of information to include when commenting on a blog post. This is so when giveaways are hosted on the blog, we know we are able to contact the winner.

Read Giveaways for information on our giveaways.

Despite putting your email in to comment on a post, you will not be contacted via your email. You will simply receive a reply on your comment instead. This will be done through WordPress and the reply will be under ‘Surviving Millennial’.

Your email will not be seen by anyone and shall not be used or stored in any way.

Contact Me:

Filling out your information in the ‘contact me’ section of the blog confirms you are happy to receive a response to your chosen email.

You shall receive the first email and responses only until you are satisfied with your topic for contacting.

Your personal information shall not be shared with anyone. Your information shall not be used in any manner.

The only exception for being contacted again shall be if your contact request included business propositions and/or opportunities.