The Unnecessary Pressure Which Is Your 20’s

I’ve been in my 20’s for just over a year. Recently turning 21. And I must admit, it has been the most pressuring year of my life. Yet it wasn’t from outside influences.

It was from the sheer thought of me being in my twenties. Continue reading “The Unnecessary Pressure Which Is Your 20’s”

December Review | January Goals

This was originally written to be published at the start of January, but I ended up having an almost month-long break. Despite nearly being in February, I still wanted to post.

December for me was a very hit and miss month.

I had plans to be working for the entirety of it — or at least six out of seven days a week. To be saving money with said temp job for our house. And to overall be working again and regaining that confidence when it comes to working fulltime again.

While I was severely disappointed in not getting a response — I worked with them last year, and expected to again this year — I continued working on my blog.
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How I Found Blogtober

Hello everybody!
After a short post-blogtober break, I’m finally back with the content. Although let’s be honest, I was lost after no longer needing to stress over the final blogtober posts. I needed to get back to work pronto.

I’ve been doing what I can to get back into projects I’d unintentionally abandoned, but I didn’t want to stay away from blogging for too long. Continue reading “How I Found Blogtober”

Plans For Post-Blogtober Break 29/31

If there’s one thing blogtober has left me, it’s drained.
The amount of mental work that goes into this challenge is insane, and I cannot believe I’ve made it to the end. But boy, am I ready for some time off.

When I realised I wasn’t going to be as organised as I’d hoped, I knew I’d need to take a short amount of time off at the beginning of November. Let myself rest and get ready to dive back into my three post a week schedule.

But even though my break will be from blogging itself – and don’t worry, it’s only a short break – I have some things in mind that I’d like to be doing. Continue reading “Plans For Post-Blogtober Break 29/31”

Career Goals

Career Goals.

I’ve had many throughout growing up. I’ve even had times where I’ve had no idea, but schools pressured you into believing that you must know exactly what you want to do.

I thought I’d give a short and sweet post on some of my own career goals.
These may not all be set in stone, or might even change somewhat over time. But as of right now, here’s what I’m aiming for.
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