Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviews, no matter how many you’ve had, can either be nerve-wracking or just be leaving you to feel completely unprepared.
So today, I hope to help you out a bit, giving you some advice and tips on how to get through your interviews!

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Escaping Writer’s Block

 As a writer, it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all experienced writer’s block at least, well, a handful of times.
The fact that I’ve been putting off writing this current sentence for a few hours should easily tell you I’m dealing with it right now, (whoops?) anyhow, there are some things which can help me get through it, and continue writing again (like now, woo!) so let’s get into it!

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A Writer’s Gift Guide

Hello everybody!
Today I thought I’d bring you this gift guide which you can use for ideas for your writer friends. Whether they’re bloggers, authors, freelance, anything! Sometimes you know what to buy somebody, and sometimes you just need help. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

My aim for this guide is that it can be for any occasion. Birthday, Christmas, any sort of holiday or event where you’d be gifting them something.

Note: when searching for gifts, or even gifts on a budget (Again, we’ve all been there. We’re not made of money!) I’d highly recommend you look through Etsy, Depop, and even eBay. Depending on what you’re after, you could find some great things.
If you want to keep shipping costs low on Etsy, you can filter it to only find items from your country! Helps you with the overall cost, while still helping small businesses!

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Surviving Millennial’s Etsy Store!


Hello everybody!
Today, we are finally talking about what you may have seen linked at the end of my last few posts. Our Etsy store!

Our store is SurvivingMillennial (we couldn’t add a space) and we currently sell blogger and girl boss inspired prints.

I use the word ‘currently’ because we hope to add more prints (and more ranges) in the future!

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Girl Boss Motivation: Student Edition

Hello everybody!
Not long after posting Girl Boss Motivation I asked you on twitter if you’d like to see another Girl Boss post. The results were yes, and instead of it being the same, I thought I’d make one for all of those who are currently studying! Whether it’s school, college, university, we could all use the extra motivation from time to time, so let’s get to it!
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Stationery Favourites

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be going over some of my stationery favourites. While this’ll pretty much consist of a handful of adorable pens I love, I hope you’ll enjoy reading away!

I’m most definitely a notebook hoarder – but that’s pretty common amongst writers – but I do also have a love for my pens and pencils. I can’t resist the cute things okay!

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