Ablegamers | Charity Feature

Hello everybody!

Today, for today’s Charity Feature, I’d like to talk about AbleGamers.

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Tiny Tickers | Charity Feature

Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s Charity Feature!

Today, we’ll be talking about a small charity called Tiny Tickers.

Tiny Tickers is a small charity who has been around since 1999 by a world-renowned fetal cardiologist, Dr Helena Gardiner.
She founded this charity when she realised how many of the babies she cared for could’ve been helped earlier.

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Smalls For All | Charity Feature | 30/31

Hello everybody!
Today Surviving Millennial brings you the first ever Charity Feature!

I am a firm believer that charity should not be anonymous. That making charities and donating – including just how easy it is – should be more known. Which brings us to Charity Feature.

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