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Peel Off Blackhead Mask Review

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be talking about a mask which claims to clear pores and exfoliate your skin.

This is a special edition mask by Sense Beauty. Five packs of peel off blackhead masks costing £1-£2?

Yes please!

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The Body Shop’s Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist | Review

The Body Shop is a brand I’ve never really used for a certain amount of time.
I’ll see a product and perhaps give it a go, or I’ll just hear the name and not give much thought to it.

But recently, I got the chance to be a part of a Body Shop party. We got a catalogue to look through and we could see some of the items they sold in person.

And that’s where I found this…

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99p Hair Oil Review

Taking good care of my hair is something I’m passionate about. I can’t stand it when my hair doesn’t feel lovely and soft — which means I can’t stand using hairspray… Am I the only one?

I don’t see an issue with investing in more costly products, so long as they give results. But I must admit, I was very intrigued when I saw this hair oil selling for only 99p in Home Bargains. Continue reading “99p Hair Oil Review”

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Beauty Treatments I’d Like To Try 28/31

If you don’t know by now, I’m very much interested in skincare, but I am also into beauty still too.

I see so many treatments which are beauty or skincare related which I would just love to try someday. The only reason I’ve not done so yet is I just haven’t got the funds to try them yet.

So today let’s find out what some of those treatments are. Maybe you’ll know of them, maybe you’ll have tried them!
Let’s get into it!
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How I’m Curing My Eczema

Hello everybody!
Today, I’m talking about something which has bothered me, pretty much all my life. Eczema.

When I was younger, I used to get it frequently. In fact, it became so bad, I had thick scabs from it.

During my preteen-early teen years, I don’t recall getting it as much, if at all, but this last couple of years I’ve been getting it again.
It’s not too bad, I don’t get it all the time, but, I get it when the seasons change. Mainly spring-summer. Then it lasts for months.
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I Heart Revolution’s Fixing Spray | Review

Hello everybody,
After spending ages saying I was going to write this review, I finally got round to doing it. If you saw my I ❤ Revolution haul, you’ll know I grabbed this green tea setting spray!

If there’s one thing you’ll know about me, is my love for green tea. I can’t get enough of it. Now that the weather seems to be starting to cool down – or at least not be a heatwave – I’m finally able to enjoy drinking it more. So if you were to show me a new range of products, one having green tea on the name, I’m needing it. Continue reading “I Heart Revolution’s Fixing Spray | Review”

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I Heart Revolution’s Death By Chocolate | Review

16 eyeshadows inspired by our obsession with chocolate

Obsession with chocolate? Me too… and I’m reminded of that obsession whenever I see, or smell, this palette.

This beautiful palette is filled with 16 gorgeous shades, which not only look good but also have that heavenly chocolate smell.
Death By Chocolate Palette
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Derma V10 Anti Ageing Collagen Mask | Review

 I’ve mentioned in past posts that anti-ageing is something I’ve become highly interested in since turning twenty. Collagen in your body starts to decline once you hit twenty-five and prevention is key.

So today I’m bringing you a review on this Derma V10 facemask, which only cost me 89p in Home Bargains.

This is the second sheet mask I’ve reviewed on my blog, and if you’ve seen the first one then we all know how bad of an experience that one was. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned I’d react again. Continue reading “Derma V10 Anti Ageing Collagen Mask | Review”