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Fitness At Home | Doing On A Budget

Fitness is an interest to a lot of people, and torture to a lot of other people. Nevertheless, it’s something I am hoping to do more often and I’m sure some of you reading this are too.

If you’re also like me, you feel limited on what you can do due to funding, or even due to not having the confidence to exercise in a gym or just around other people.

So today I’d like to offer some suggestions on what you could do. Whether it be with a small budget or no budget!

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I Heart Revolution’s Death By Chocolate | Review

16 eyeshadows inspired by our obsession with chocolate

Obsession with chocolate? Me too… and I’m reminded of that obsession whenever I see, or smell, this palette.

This beautiful palette is filled with 16 gorgeous shades, which not only look good but also have that heavenly chocolate smell.
Death By Chocolate Palette
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Derma V10 Anti Ageing Collagen Mask | Review

 I’ve mentioned in past posts that anti-ageing is something I’ve become highly interested in since turning twenty. Collagen in your body starts to decline once you hit twenty-five and prevention is key.

So today I’m bringing you a review on this Derma V10 facemask, which only cost me 89p in Home Bargains.

This is the second sheet mask I’ve reviewed on my blog, and if you’ve seen the first one then we all know how bad of an experience that one was. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned I’d react again. Continue reading “Derma V10 Anti Ageing Collagen Mask | Review”

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How I Ensure I Drink Enough Water

Consuming enough water was something I never used to be bothered about at a younger age. I’d have a glass on hand at night and I’d always have a full bottle at school, but other than that I’d stick to drinking juices, fizzy drinks, tea’s, and then maybe water – should I fancy it.

Over the last year to year and a half, however, I have come to be more focused and interested in consuming the correct amount of water my body needs. Continue reading “How I Ensure I Drink Enough Water”

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4 Places I’d Like To Visit In The UK

Hello everybody!
So if you remember my last travel post, I talked about places I’d like to visit internationally. Well today, I thought I’d finally talk about places I’d like to see, only this time, within the UK.

I’ll be honest, it’s taken me so long to write this post because there was never really anywhere in the UK that I had to go see.  Continue reading “4 Places I’d Like To Visit In The UK”