December Review | January Goals

This was originally written to be published at the start of January, but I ended up having an almost month-long break. Despite nearly being in February, I still wanted to post.

December for me was a very hit and miss month.

I had plans to be working for the entirety of it — or at least six out of seven days a week. To be saving money with said temp job for our house. And to overall be working again and regaining that confidence when it comes to working fulltime again.

While I was severely disappointed in not getting a response — I worked with them last year, and expected to again this year — I continued working on my blog.

This December was a ‘big’ month for me. If you haven’t seen the post, on the 21st December I turned 21! But being honest? I didn’t really care… It was another number, I didn’t want to do anything for it — I presumed I’d be working, which was more important — and even when I knew I wasn’t going to be working, I still just wanted to do nothing.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen either, but there’s no point in dwelling on that.

I don’t want to make the entire month sound like 31 days of negativity, but it was a harder one for me during 2018.

Turning 21 meant I started being a “proper” adult with a failed goal that I set two years prior (to complete before I turned 21)

The start of the month I was still adjusting to coming off of some medication, which had made me feel ill. And since being off of them, it’s been hit and miss.

Despite the weight of failure that’s been heavily resting on my shoulders, there have been some highlights.

I’ve been planning what I can for this year’s content. There are things I want to do to overall improve Surviving Millennial, making it a much more professional site. I’ve got other ideas in the works, skills to develop, and projects in the works which I hope to complete.

December — and 2018 — was a hard month. But I’ve got plans for 2019.

January Goals

For those of you who haven’t read my post on what I’m doing instead of New Years Resolutions, firstly, you can read it now! Secondly, this is it! 3 goals of my choice to complete each month.

1. Appy for jobs

Getting a full-time job alongside my part-time work is highly important to me. It’ll help my partner and me in getting closer to our goal of buying a house. It’ll also help me get back into the habit of saving money, and just get used to working again.
(My part-time job is one day a week, and doesn’t feel like work at all)

2. Thoroughly clean my room

This is long overdue. I want to spend a few days cleaning everything and getting rid of what I no longer need. My room will become spotless and organised.
And I’ll most likely be selling over on Depop.

3. Read a book

I’ve got so many books to get through. Too many of them being books I’ve borrowed from others. I’ve got an idea of the book I want to read, but nothing is set in stone right now so you can see my January Review at the start of February to see what I chose!

This has been my December review and my January goals! This is something I’m going to do at the start of each month. Write about the previous month and talk about the current month’s goals.

What are you planning for your January/2019?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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