The Place To Get A Real Tree For Christmas

Nothing says Christmas more than a beautiful tree, and this year we decided to leave our plastic tree in the loft and buy a real one.

There are plenty of options when buying a real tree: supermarkets, DIY centres, and farms up and down the country have trees for sale. But at one of the busiest times of the year, do you really want the hassle of searching out your perfect tree and attempting to transport it home?

There’s a much easier option! Let someone else do the hard work for you!

That is why we decided to purchase our tree from Croft and Cole.

Thank you to Rebecca for providing us with the photo!

Croft and Cole is a newly established business set up by racing legend Tom Onslow-Cole and his wife Rebecca.

They have selected the best Premium Nordmann Fir Trees from British farmers. Trees that are of the best quality, have no-drop needles — less cleaning up — and great value for money. You simply go online, select the size tree you require (trees are available in a variety of sizes including half feet options to fit your home perfectly!)
You can also add a stand or even lights which are available on the store.
Then choose next day delivery, or pick a specified delivery date and sit back and relax.

We opted for a 5 foot and chose the date for delivery that suited us best.

The tree arrived by 9am in Croft and Cole’s exclusive hexagonal box. Which doesn’t crush your new tree like a traditional rectangular box would.

As we opened the box the first thing we noticed was the delightful smell of fresh pine followed by the pure beauty of the tree itself.

Setting up our tree

In no time at all, the tree was set up in its stand and decorating could begin.

We purchased a string of 300 warm white lights from Croft and Cole, the recommendation is 100 lights per 2 foot of tree, these lights are slightly different to those you’d purchase from high street retailers in the fact they are extendable. The first section has 100 lights, the power supply and control box.
You then attach further sections, each with 100 lights until you have the required amount.

It’s a cost-effective way to light your tree.

Taken from Surviving Millennial’s Instagram

As for the decorations, we decided to keep it simple with purple baubles, teddy ornaments and robins that clipped onto the branches. 4-5 special ornaments were also added including a car — well, you can’t buy a tree from a racing driver and not have a car on it!

There were a couple of reasons for keeping it simple.
1- I’m not that great at decorating trees.
2- When you have something that beautiful in the room, why hide it under masses of decorations?

If you haven’t yet bought your tree there’s still time to check out the Croft and Cole website. There you will find information on sizing, selection, how to care for your tree, how to order and a selection of accessories.

This is a beautiful tree, and I’m so glad we decided to get a real one this year.  You can get a tree from them even on Christmas Eve. Which I always presumed was near impossible! -Stephi, Surviving Millennial.

This post was written by Momma SurvMil, and proof-read and slightly edited by Surviving Millennial.

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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