Derma V10 99p Moisturiser Review

Hello everybody!
Today, I’m back reviewing another 99p product!

This is an anti-wrinkle moisturising cream from Derma V10.

Our Anti-Wrinkle Cream is specially formulated for skin already showing visible signs of ageing. The special blend of Coenzyme10 & Carnitine helps stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin cells, and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft, smooth and supple.

I decided to give this product a try because my forehead is covered in fine lines. Despite my attempts, I’ve never been able to ‘fix’ them. Allowing myself to have plump and fine-line free skin.

I used the moisturiser morning and night after cleansing my skin.
It felt nice and sat nicely on my skin too.

The problem: The next morning, or the end of the day, my forehead would always look worse.

Instead of being plumper better looking, my forehead looked dry and I’d see a hell of a lot more fine lines.

As someone who isn’t exactly confident in their skin, I instantly disliked this product.

The ‘results’ were showing after a few uses, but I wanted to keep using it a bit longer to give the product a fair chance. Unfortunately, after a weeks use, the results hadn’t improved.
My skin kept looking dry — it only looked dry. It didn’t feel dry at all — and the fine lines were awful.

If you’ve followed Surviving Millennial for a while, you’ll know that I’ve reviewed Derma V10’s products before and have loved them. So I am disappointed that this moisturiser didn’t work for me.

But saying that, the fine lines on my forehead are my only ageing concern right now — other than prevention. So perhaps this could truly benefit someone with more mature skin. Or at least over 25 and having to deal with their body producing less collagen.

What moisturisers do you like to use? What have you tried and not agreed with?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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