Depop — My Views And Personal Experience

Depop, for those of you who may not know, is a site where you can sell and buy items.

It’s a free app you’re able to get on your phones or tablets and is simple and easy to use.

A simple way to explain Depop is that it’s like eBay. Although, I personally prefer Depop.
You’re able to view the items you’re selling. Item’s you’ve liked, and even item’s you’ve saved. On the page where you can view these, you can see and edit your profile — should you wish.

How to sell?
When you go to sell an item, you can upload up to four (4) photos, and a video.
You have space to give a description of the item(s) and add any tags you’d like to help get your item seen in searches.
You then fill in the info box below.
And you post it.
It’s that simple!

But how much have you sold?
I’ve sold four (4) items on depop so far, and I still have a couple of items for sale, — come have a look! I personally send all my items second class, signed for. This way I know it’s going to arrive.

When you sell an item, Depop will take a small percentage of the price, and if you have Paypal connected too, they’ll also take a small percentage.
It doesn’t take too much away from you. It’s how these businesses make their income.
Another good point to note, Depop doesn’t charge listing fees. So you can upload as much as you want, and should you not sell an item, you won’t lose money from it.

Whether you buy or sell something, you’re able to leave a review. You can leave a review on the buyer, or you can be reviewed for your services.
If I see someone has had less than a five-star review, I’ll look at the reviews and see the issue and how the seller handled it. This’ll give me the chance to consider using this seller.

Selling things can either happen quickly or take time. Find a system which works for you, and stick to it.

I’ve always been hesitant in the past about using apps to sell and buy things. But, I can safely say Depop is one I trust. And one I will continue to use.

Have you tried Depop before? What do you think of it?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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