How I Schedule Instagram Posts

I both love and hate it, but, I do my best to post daily.

She says, currently not posting.

I used to have to post daily, write out each caption at a set time, doing what I could to be as consistent as possible. Until I was recommended an app.

‘Later’ is an app made to schedule Instagram posts in advanced.
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I will say this, you can only schedule one image per post — so no videos, or three images in one upload – but other than that, it’s fantastic to use.

Being able to use Later, I can save so much time. Each day it’ll notify me that the post is ready to publish — If you know how to get it to auto-publish, please let me know. I’ve tried but it wasn’t working for me — and then I just have to press a button or two, and the post is up!
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It’s beyond simple to learn. You’ll know what you’re doing with the app in no time. It’s also free, which is a bonus.

You get to see all of your scheduled posts, too. So should you forget, you can look and see the time and day it’s ready to post!

If you do any form of content creation on Instagram,  be it for blogging, photography, anything you use the site for. I couldn’t recommend it more. Just simply dedicate a portion of time per week or fortnight — depending on how many photos you have ready, of course —  and schedule them up.

I definitely believe you should look into the app to help you with your social media organising. You don’t know what you’ve been missing out on until you try it!

Have you seen how I schedule my Twitter content?

Until next time,
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