How I Found Blogtober

Hello everybody!
After a short post-blogtober break, I’m finally back with the content. Although let’s be honest, I was lost after no longer needing to stress over the final blogtober posts. I needed to get back to work pronto.

I’ve been doing what I can to get back into projects I’d unintentionally abandoned, but I didn’t want to stay away from blogging for too long.

As I’m still currently in my first year of blogging, this was my first blogtober, and man, was I in over my head.

I had all my posts planned out, but I failed to get them all written and ready in the time I intended to do it by. Meaning I was working on the last post days before the end of October.
It was stressful, but lesson learnt.

I also wanted to see how my stats would change at the end of the month.  Would I have more or fewer views compared to posting three times a week, would my blog’s DA change?

In the end, I had slightly more views compared to September. And my DA? Well. That went from 13 to 12.
I hadn’t expected it to drop.

I’ll work on raising it again, but seeing it had dropped did get me down a bit.

To me, doing blogtober was a whole other level of dedication for my blog. I’ve spent so long working hard and sticking to three posts a week, that upping that to 31 days of the month? Big challenge. I wanted to give up a couple of times or leave out certain posts. But in the end, I pushed through and came out feeling proud of myself — and also drained.

While dedicating all this time to the blog, it makes me really think about what I want to get out of it. Whether or not I should switch to self-hosted, and just how I can update it to my current tastes.

I’ve got plans. It’ll just take time and research.

Did you do blogtober? Or are you considering doing blogmas?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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