Pumpkin-like Cupcakes 26/31


Now that I have your attention, we’ll be talking about cupcakes.
(That’s how you draw in a readers attention, right?)

With all attempts at humour aside, today I’ll be showing you these fun cupcakes which are perfect for any Halloween-themed event.
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

The original plan for these were for them to all be orange, with the icing to look like pumpkin carvings, but instead my partner gave me the idea to do some orange, and some black. Topping the black cakes with bright orange icing. Damn was it a fantastic idea.

I’d also found some edible googly-eyes to top the black cupcakes with. It’s a completely optional decoration, but I couldn’t stop laughing at how derpy they all looked.
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

But that’s enough of an intro, let’s get to the cakes.


Cake Mix
•4oz Butter
•4oz Sugar
•2 Eggs
•4oz Self-Raising Flour

Butter Icing
•4oz Butter
•8oz Icing Sugar

•Gel Food Colour – Black and Orange


Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/177°C/350°F.

Mix up the cake batter as you normally would
•Mix Butter and Sugar together
•Add in Eggs and Flour
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

Taking a seperate bowl, halve the mixture.

Add the Orange Gel Food Colouring to one bowl, and the Black Gel Food Colouring to the other. Mix until desired colour.

Pour the mixtures into cupcake cases.
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

Put in the oven and cook for 20 minutes. Ensure they’re cooked before taking out.

Leave to cool.
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

When making your Butter Icing, don’t add all the Icing Sugar at once. Build up as you mix it all up.
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

Once again, take a second bowl and separate the mixtures. Adding the Gel Food Colour to a bowl each.

Taking two piping bags, carefully fill them with the two colours.

For the black cupcakes we chose to do a swirl of icing on top. For the Orange cupcakes, we carefully drew triangles and mouths that you’d see on carved pumpkins.

Put them in the fridge or a cold space to set for 30 minutes plus.

Add any extra decorations.

And enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed todays post and recipe!
These cupcakes were so much fun to make, and taste so good.

Will you be trying the recipe?
food, bakes, cupcakes, recipe

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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