Handling A Sick Day 24/31

Being ill is awful. I think everybody can agree on that.

The coughs, the runny or blocked nose, the heavy feeling in your head.

Cold’s suck.

So today I’m going to share some things I like to when I’m sick, and to hopefully prevent it getting worse.

Comfy Clothes and Hair Up

If I’m at home, I’m going to get as comfy as possible. I’m not going to risk any extra discomfort just because I felt like I had to wear jeans.

Hot Drinks With Honey

I basically prevented a cold in one week by drinking green tea with honey daily. I’ve been putting honey in regular cups of tea for this cold since I accidentally drank all of my green tea during the last cold.
The honey really helps with healing your throat, keeping it soothed and not sore from coughing.

Throat Sweets

Throat sweets which work well for you, stick with them. I found the Beechams throat sweets worked the best for me, but Asda’s own were second best compared to other brands.

A Good TV Series

If you’re able to rest and not worry about work, find a good show you can sit and watch. Enjoy a show you could watch over and over. Get yourself feeling good in other ways too.

Hot Flannel

Sometimes my sinuses will get blocked from a cold, causing an immense amount of pain. I’ve found that a flannel as hot as I can handle, pressed over my nose and cheeks helps to soothe the pain.

How do you like to handle sick days? How to you manage them when you’re at work?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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