What I’ve Learned From Blogging 16/31

Let’s get into this one, otherwise, I will start to ramble.

1: When it comes to writing, I ramble as much as I do when I talk.
See why I decided to get right into this?

2: Having a schedule has helped me get my posts ready.
It’s been a lifesaver for getting organised.

3: Writing consistently each week is draining.
Trying to prep all these blogtober posts has left me mentally exhausted. But it will be worth it.

4: I’m able to challenge myself with writing.
Be it creating daily content for a month, researching and creating articles, or just getting myself to write about new topics. I’m able to push myself from my comfort zone a little bit more when it comes to written work.

5: So long as you enjoy doing it, it’s worth doing.

6: I do enjoy setting up and taking photos. The editing process is fun too.

7: It takes a lot of work.
Planning. Writing. Proofreading. Editing. Photo taking. Photo editing. Final Touches. Links. Schedule or Post.
Sponsored content? Social media’s? Emails?

A lot of work.

If it’s something you really enjoy doing, then the workload is worth it. Do not be discouraged by 7.

Do you blog? Or write in any form?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.


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