Qualified Nail Technician 15/31

For those of you who don’t know me outside of my blog, you’ll most likely not know the fact that I’m a fully qualified nail technician.

I got all prepared, buying all the things I needed to set up on my own, even creating my own business cards. Only to not go through with it. Followed by barely using the products since.

A lot of money was spent – and wasted – in training and setting this up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always have skills from the training, and with some refresh courses, or just getting back into practising it, I’d be able to pick it up again.
But it was still something for a short time, I became excited about. Only to feel disappointment with myself.

I’ve not had the best experience when it comes to education, but, despite all that I still have a love for learning.
As a teenager, I was always painting my nails. I loved nail art. So, when I felt like I was going nowhere and had no qualifications past GCSE, I decided to get qualified in something I’d enjoy doing regularly.

Maybe it was to prove something to myself, I don’t know. But I did it anyway.
Nail technician, art, beauty

I’d say when it came to money, about 60/40 was spent on the training costs and then setting up to go it alone.

I did an online course, which included training days in a nearby location, and a review day which included an exam and nail demonstrations to determine whether not you passed.

I passed my theory test with flying colours. My first ever 100% in an exam. The practical side, I did well on. There was one mistake I couldn’t prevent, but I could fully and confidently explain what it was and why I couldn’t prevent it.

I passed, and I was fully qualified.

I started getting what I needed to set up as a business. Becoming self-employed, appointment books, websites, a blog. Things which helped prepare me for creating a business of my own.

I loved the training. But once I got qualified, started working on close family and friends, I quickly saw the love for it drain, and the whole process becomes a boring task.

I forced myself to try and keep going. I’d spent all this money. Dedicated all this time towards it. Only to not enjoy it. At all.

My first failed attempt at starting up a business, and I hadn’t even opened it.

It got me down for quite a while. Nearly all of the money I’d used to pay for it all was from my savings account.

I don’t recall how I managed to get past it. It was mid-last year.

A perk of being qualified, however, is the ability to go to trade stores and buy professional products for anything hair and beauty related. So right now, I get to wax myself with a salon standard kit. Worth it? Yeah, kind of!

While this was something I thought I’d spend my life doing, I got scared and lost interest in doing this.

Ideas might not always turn out how you expect. But if we keep trying, we’ll get some successful ones.

This has been more of a ‘get to know me’ type post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m pretty certain it’s more of a ramble than anything.

Any skills you’ve got?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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