Candy Milkshakes 14/31

If you love milkshakes, sweets, and chocolates, then this post is most certainly for you.

My partner and I have been diving into smoothie and milkshake making over the past month or two. Which has left us with delicious smoothie bowls and eager to try different variations of our candy milkshakes.

So today, I’m showing you one recipe, with two variations!
treats, drink, sweets, candy

A skittles milkshake, and a Maltesers milkshake!

This recipe makes one large milkshake, depending on how spot on you get the base.
(Sometimes we get the thickness right the first time, and sometimes it takes us a few attempts to get it just right)

You will need:
•Vanilla Icecream
•Sweets or chocolate of choice
(In our case, skittles for one milkshake, Maltesers for the other)

When making the milkshake base, we always aim o get about 500ml of milkshake made. To make this you need a 2:1 ratio of ice cream to milk.

We’re used to just diving in and making it. We constantly forgot to attempt getting specific measurements.

Once it’s blended to a thick, but drinkable consistency, that’s when you add the chosen sweets or chocolate.

Bags of sweets or chocolates:
If it’s a small pack – ones which usually cost under £1 – using 1-2 bags will be plenty.
If you’re using a normal share pack size, use a handful – or if the chocolates are bigger, two handfuls.
Chocolate bars: you’ll need two. Using a sharp knife, carefully chop the bars into smaller pieces.

Once you’ve prepped your chosen bar – or grabbed the bags of goodies you need – pour it into the blender, and blend to your desired consistency.

Serve and enjoy!

While clearly, this is properly the most poorly written recipe ever, it’s definitely one that you perfect to your own taste.

This is super simple to make,, and always tastes delicious.

Are you a fan of milkshakes? What’s your favourite flavour?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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