Pinterest Board Recommendations 13/31

I love using Pinterest.
Coming up with ideas of what boards I could make, finding references for future uses, or just creating boards to get me inspired.

Today I’m going to show you some of my boards that I think you’ll enjoy!

Pinterest Pins

Filled with affirmations to lift your spirits, give you that confidence boost, or just a few words to say to yourself from time to time.

#BossBabe quotes and motivational words. Also includes a self-improvement section filled with extra words of help and wisdom.

Blog Inspo
Filled with images you could take inspiration from for your blog or social media.
Also includes three sections: ‘Camera stuff’, ‘Props’, and ‘Writing/Extra’. Filled with helpful information for anyone who creates content.

Filled with all sorts of writing-related topics. This board is more for the fiction writers compared to those who just blog or other non-fiction topics. As well as the overall section, the writing board contains six sections to make what you want to find a lot easier!
We have: ‘Writing prompts’, ‘Death/Murder/Weapons’, ‘People/Names’, ‘Words’, ‘Writer Things’, and ‘Tarot Layouts’.
For those who are curious about the last one, I’ve found tarot layouts for writing. These can help with creating your characters, creating scenes, or just overall with the plot.
This is full of super handy information for fiction writers.

While this one is definitely more for the ladies, it contains smart to smart-casual outfits. Perfect for the more formal looks. A formal lookbook if you will.

The newest board of them all. This board includes three sections: ‘Art’, ‘Nature’, and ‘Portraits’.
This is suited for those looking for more photography ideas, or just new ideas to try when taking photos.

What do you like to pin on Pinterest?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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