The Down To Earth Self-Care 9/31

This is the second part of a two-part self-care series.

While self-care is something we can all take joy in, there are times where we need a more serious, down to Earth case of self-care. These can be for the sake of our own health, or just to help make things more manageable.

•When did you last drink something?
Try and drink a full glass of water. Your body will appreciate it.

•When did you last have a proper meal?
Try and get something nutritious and good for you, instead of junk food.

•When was the last time you managed to bathe?
If you can’t bring yourself to doing it, soaking a flannel or using baby wipes to gently wipe over yourself will help you to freshen up.
•Struggling to bring yourself to fully clean your teeth?
Wetting the brush and gently going over your teeth will help remove the gross feeling, leaving you feeling more cleaner.

•When did you last get some fresh air?
Open your windows for air, or try and stand outside for at least a couple of minutes.

•If you find it easier wearing the same clothes over again, try and make it a goal to change your underwear and socks. This’ll help you to feel cleaner and fresher.

Toxic Environment
•Do you need to remove yourself from toxic places or people?
Find a way to start the process to remove that negativity from your life.

Self-care can be fun, but there are times we need to take care of ourselves. You should be your number one priority. Take care of yourself.

Part one

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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