I-Say: Review and Experience 6/31

They can be the most boring thing on earth, but they can also be beneficial.

Today I’m talking about a survey site I’ve been using for over a year or so now.
I’ll be covering what I think about it, what I’ve gotten out of it, how often I use it, and overall would I recommend it.

What do I think about I-Say?

I like the site’s layout. It’s easy to use and user-friendly.
Available Surveys

When you go to do a survey, if they already have enough similar results, or if it’s no longer available, they give you 5-10 points for your time. So no matter how you do on a survey, you’ll at least get something for your time.

Sometimes, especially when you have a few longer surveys to go through, it can get boring. But, if you’re really after one of the rewards, it’s worth pushing through.

What I’ve gotten out of it.

Since starting, I’ve managed to save up and get 3 £10 Amazon gift vouchers.

I’ve used these on items which cost me £10, just under, or just over. So I got it for free, or very little compared to its original price. I’ve found it worth saving up to get these, as to me, they’re the best prize. (I don’t have a need for any of the other options)

How Often I Use It?

When I first made an account, I’d use it every time I got an email saying I had a new survey. Eventually, I started getting bored of them so I used it every so often. I go in and out of using it, but, if you stick to it you can get a higher reward at the end of the year.
The reward is points depending on how many surveys you’ve done.

Would I Recommend It?

If you’re happy to power through the surveys, you can earn some good rewards from it. I would recommend giving it a go, especially if you’re looking for vouchers for online stores – it doesn’t allow you to redeem it for cash.

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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