My Mini Crystal Collection 5/31

I love them.

They’re beautiful to look at, each one is unique and they all have benefits to them.

Since we’re in October, I figured there wasn’t a more perfect time to show off these little beauties.
Crystal Collection

I don’t have the biggest collection. But I do have some raw crystals, some polished stones, and tumbled stones.

My favourite stone is Amethyst. By far.
If you’re a friend or family member and need a gift idea – Amethyst will make me very happy.
Crystal Collection

The perk of getting Witch Casket each month is you get a stone each month, so even if I don’t find new crystals to get, my collection will still grow.

I also like how bloodstone’s and citrine’s look. They’re not favourites, but I do love to admire them.


Clearly, I’m not the best at talking about crystals, but I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them.

Are you a crystal fan? What’s your favourite?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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