My TBR List – Borrowed Book Edition 3/31

When it comes to reading, I can read for weeks straight and then not touch a book for months. Yet people still lend me books.
So here’s a list of books I have to read, that aren’t actually my own!

I’m not going to go into the descriptions of the books, more just show off the books I have to read.
A nice and easy post for you all today.

All but one of these are crime books, so there’s that spot of information for you.

The books!

•Always in the kitchen at parties – Leil Lowndes
•Murderous Women – Paul Heslop
•Northumberland, Murder and Crime – Paul Heslop
•Cumbria Murders – Paul Heslop
•Staffordshire Murders – Alan Hayhurst
•Murderous Manchester – John J. Eddleston
•Murderous Tyneside – John J. Eddleston

A lot of crime books. I’d have started reading them by now, but every time I want to start reading them, it’s late at night and I’m not risking weird murder-related dreams. Not today.
TBR Books

Do you have any reading lists? Just how long are they? I don’t think mine’s too bad…

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial

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