My Blogging Schedule 2/31

Hello there!
Today we’re going to be talking about something I’ve been trying for a few months now, my blogging schedule.

When I first started blogging I planned out each month the month before and wrote and edited it a couple days beforehand.
This worked for a while until I hit days where I didn’t want to write that post because it either took too much, that I couldn’t bring myself to do at the time, or I just simply didn’t want to write about it that day.

After 3 months, I decided to try getting rid of the schedule and just thinking of what I wanted to write before. Again, it worked for a while but then it just… didn’t. That became more stressful than productive.

Outside of blogging, I work part time so I have most of the week free to fill with writing-related things and other things I want to do and work on. Because of this, I’m able to spread my schedule out across the weekday (I work weekends)

I write my blog posts for the following week. So unless I’ve been unable to write and prep, I’ll always be 3 posts ahead.

My blog schedule:

Write blog posts

Write blog posts

Take and edit photos (blog and social media)

Schedule posts

Schedule tweets

I find that breaking it down into shorter amounts of work aids my productivity, as well as helping me do my best work.
Because I write 3 blog posts, I like to dedicate the first two days to writing so I won’t have to worry about not getting it all done in one day.

I can be quite quick at editing photos – nothing fancy, just a basic edit – so I spend most of my Wednesday’s actually taking the photos, picking out the best ones, and then editing them.

Thursday and Friday’s are the easiest days. Thursday’s I add the photos, make sure I have the correct links in the posts and everything’s written well and ready to go.
Friday’s I schedule tweets through the app Hootsuite. I’ve been a bit behind on this recently, but hopefully, I’ll be back into the swing of things again.

I’ve found that this has worked so well for me so far. I can plan in advance what I want to write or just go to my drafts and pick out a post I haven’t gotten round to writing yet.

I’ve been enjoying knowing that I’m always a week ahead, it definitely makes me feel more organised with my blog. Like I’m getting settled into a good workflow.

If you’re a fellow blogger or a content creator, how do you organise your workflow?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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