Career Goals

Career Goals.

I’ve had many throughout growing up. I’ve even had times where I’ve had no idea, but schools pressured you into believing that you must know exactly what you want to do.

I thought I’d give a short and sweet post on some of my own career goals.
These may not all be set in stone, or might even change somewhat over time. But as of right now, here’s what I’m aiming for.

Be a published author

Freelance writer

Run a successful (Etsy) store

Blogger/Content creator

I want to create and choose my own path. Create doors to open instead of waiting for one to open for me.
While at the start, a lot of this may be non-profit, and I’ll also have a lot more learning to do, I’m determined, and I am certainly looking forward to it.

I want to make money, work as hard as I can – the smart way, not so I’m causing myself to burn out – and create a life I’m proud of.

Easier said than done.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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