What I Didn’t Need and Wish I Packed

Hello everybody!
Today, I am back talking about my recent trip to Butlins.

I tend to go a while between holidays, ‘a while’ being a few years.  It’s a habit I will break, but with having such gaps, I tend to not fully know what I did or didn’t need until I get there.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What I didn’t need to take:

My laptop:
While some of you may think “why did you think you needed it anyway?” I took it because I thought if we were crashed in our room in the evenings and I wanted something to do, I could go and look at/work on old writing projects. Something to do that I’d enjoy, and also allow me to be creative.

All the snacks:
We thought we’d be spending some more time in the room relaxing, or just feeling like snacking, so we got plenty of snacks. Only to eat pretty much none of it.

What I wish I packed:

Despite all the previous sunshine we had, my mind was “British weather” and I just didn’t even consider it.
There was probably only two-three times I wished I had it, but when trying to play crazy golf with the sun beating down? Yeah, not fun.

I only own some shorts which I lounge around in at home, but I did miss being able to throw them on to wear for comfort. I had some cozy tracksuit bottoms which I use as lounge wear, but I still missed it.

How are you when it comes to packing? Personally, I’m not bad, but I do still have room for improvement!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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