The Perfect Cosy Night In | AD

That perfect cosy night in.
We all want it, we all crave it. So let’s embrace it.

To me, there’s nothing better than getting settled, a good blanket, with the TV on to either watch shows or play games, especially when it’s on the Oled TV Panasonic.

So here’s how I get my perfect cosy night ready.

The clothes…

Baggy, comfortable, and easy to move in.
That’s all I need.

I’m very much a shirt and underwear person when it comes to comfort. If I want to add to the comfort I’ll throw on my go-to shorts to lounge in, or wear some Primark trackie bottoms.
Soft or thick socks are a must-have. No exception!


If I’m crashed in bed I’ll be under the duvet. But if I’m in the living room I’ll most likely be under a blanket. If you have a partner, I do recommend you get them involved, and under the blanket. Just being able to snuggle up together for some quality time? Pure bliss.


I love hot drinks. The only downside to a hot summer is when it’s too damn hot to truly enjoy a hot drink.

If you know me, I’m a green tea lover. Some hot drinks I adore but don’t have as often is Chai tea lattes and Hot chocolates.
To me, any of these three would be perfect for a cosy night. Especially the chai tea latte, but that’s most likely because I haven’t had one in months and I’m missing it.

Activity of choice…

DVD’s? Box sets? Netflix? Youtube? Twitch? Video games? Board/Physical games?

There are so many choices. So here’s the easiest way to decide how:

What have you been wanting to, or looking forward to doing?
Got a new game or show you want to watch?
Do you want to just chill or be more vocal? (relax with a movie, or get competitive playing games)

My partner and I recently spent two evenings playing a Wii game while being snuggled up under a blanket. It was a team game but we still got competitive, and it was the most fun I’ve had in so long when it comes to games. They were probably the most perfect evenings I’ve had.

While the perfect night in can be made however you envision it, these are some suggestions from me to you.

Just give me a hot drink, comfort, games, and I am good to go.

A huge thank you to today’s sponsor. You can check out the Oled TV Panasonic at either of the two links!

What would you say is your perfect night in?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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