I Heart Revolution’s Fixing Spray | Review

Hello everybody,
After spending ages saying I was going to write this review, I finally got round to doing it. If you saw my I ❤ Revolution haul, you’ll know I grabbed this green tea setting spray!

If there’s one thing you’ll know about me, is my love for green tea. I can’t get enough of it. Now that the weather seems to be starting to cool down – or at least not be a heatwave – I’m finally able to enjoy drinking it more. So if you were to show me a new range of products, one having green tea on the name, I’m needing it.

This is only the second setting spray I’ve owned, and my makeup wearing is far better with them in my life. Even though I don’t wear makeup anywhere near as much as I used to, I am determined to one day – one day! – get my hands on Urban Decay’s all nighter setting spray.
But that’ll be a different post sometime in the future!
Green Tea Setting Spray

You get the setting spray in a 100ml bottle, it’s super simple with a text which stands out against the colour and is also easy to read.
I’ve had makeup, and skincare, products before where you just can’t read what’s on the bottle, and I hate that. So a simple and eye-catching text? Hell yes!

The spray can be hit and miss, more good than bad.
When you spray it the nozzle can sometimes feel a bit stuck, or like it can be a little tricky to press, but 9/10 times it works perfectly fine. 

The mist itself is great, while not as fine as more costly sprays, it does the job and it does it well. I have zero complaints about this.

The smell.

Despite being a green tea lover, I’m not fond of the smell.
I can’t tell what it is exactly, but I just don’t agree with the smell from this spray. I’m not sure if the smell lingers on my skin, but when wearing it earlier I seemed to have a bit of a headache and just not feel great after. I’m not overly sensitive to scents, but this, I just can’t get on with.

I hate that I don’t agree with the scent because it’s a fantastic working setting spray. But fortunately, they do have other versions which I may give a try.

Have you tried this setting spray? Or have you tried any of the other versions? I’d love to know!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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