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Lack Of Inspiration

For those of you who may not know, I’ve been working hard at getting my posts ready for Blogtober.

I still have a long way to go. I’m losing inspiration, and have no ideas left for blog posts.

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How I’m Curing My Eczema

Hello everybody!
Today, I’m talking about something which has bothered me, pretty much all my life. Eczema.

When I was younger, I used to get it frequently. In fact, it became so bad, I had thick scabs from it.

During my preteen-early teen years, I don’t recall getting it as much, if at all, but this last couple of years I’ve been getting it again.
It’s not too bad, I don’t get it all the time, but, I get it when the seasons change. Mainly spring-summer. Then it lasts for months.
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Instagram: Personal and Business Accounts

Hello everybody!
Today, I’d like to talk about something I found quite interesting.

About a month ago, I was seeing on twitter how people were talking about switching their business accounts to personal ones. Some claiming this improved their engagement and followers, some claiming it did the complete opposite.

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What I Didn’t Need and Wish I Packed

Hello everybody!
Today, I am back talking about my recent trip to Butlins.

I tend to go a while between holidays, ‘a while’ being a few years.  It’s a habit I will break, but with having such gaps, I tend to not fully know what I did or didn’t need until I get there.

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First Time Butlins Advice

Hello everyone!
Today, I’m here to talk a bit about my recent trip away!

Last week I spent some time at a Butlins resort. The people I went with make it a yearly trip – almost like a mini-tradition, but for me, it was my first time at any Butlins, ever.

While I feel like I got a rough idea before going, I definitely learned a few things to bear in mind for future visits. Continue reading “First Time Butlins Advice”

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I Heart Revolution’s Fixing Spray | Review

Hello everybody,
After spending ages saying I was going to write this review, I finally got round to doing it. If you saw my I ❤ Revolution haul, you’ll know I grabbed this green tea setting spray!

If there’s one thing you’ll know about me, is my love for green tea. I can’t get enough of it. Now that the weather seems to be starting to cool down – or at least not be a heatwave – I’m finally able to enjoy drinking it more. So if you were to show me a new range of products, one having green tea on the name, I’m needing it. Continue reading “I Heart Revolution’s Fixing Spray | Review”