I Heart Revolution’s Death By Chocolate | Review

16 eyeshadows inspired by our obsession with chocolate

Obsession with chocolate? Me too… and I’m reminded of that obsession whenever I see, or smell, this palette.

This beautiful palette is filled with 16 gorgeous shades, which not only look good but also have that heavenly chocolate smell.
Death By Chocolate Palette

When I grabbed this palette, I very much expected it to be I ❤ Revolution’s latest palette, as I grabbed it from the violet palettes section. I got home to realise it was in fact not the palette I wanted, but I refused to send it back because I was already sold by the colours.

Looking at this palette gives me so many creative ideas – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t wear makeup as much as she used to – If I had the time I’d be sat playing with this palette all day. Creating as many looks as I possibly could – with my limited skill set.

With this palette, you get the shades:

White Light, Don’t Let Go, Break Me Up, Consume Me, All is Lost,
Lick Me, Fool’s Gold, One More Bar, Devour Me, Tear the Wrapper, Love You to Death,
Pray for Me, Dipped, Tease Me, Set Me Free, Bring Down Angels.

Death By Chocolate Palette Shades

In the palette, you get nine shimmers and seven matte shades. While I am someone who prefers matte over shimmer these days, there is not a single colour I do not like the look of.

They apply beautifully and look great on and around my eyes. Very much worth the £8.99 price.

This is a palette I’d recommend to anybody, and I’d love to go back and grab some more of their products!
Death By Chocolate Palette Shades

I was a fan of Makeup Revolution, and I am definitely a fan of I ❤ Revolution. I look forward to seeing what else they bring out in the near and far future!

Got a favourite eyeshadow palette? What’s your go-to eye look?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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