Derma V10 Anti Ageing Collagen Mask | Review

 I’ve mentioned in past posts that anti-ageing is something I’ve become highly interested in since turning twenty. Collagen in your body starts to decline once you hit twenty-five and prevention is key.

So today I’m bringing you a review on this Derma V10 facemask, which only cost me 89p in Home Bargains.

This is the second sheet mask I’ve reviewed on my blog, and if you’ve seen the first one then we all know how bad of an experience that one was. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned I’d react again.

But never the less, I was excited to try it anyway.

The mask claims to help improve your skins smoothness, elasticity, moisture balance, and the appearance of fine lines.


I had left the mask on my makeup desk until I decided to use it. We’ve had a lot of gorgeous heat in the UK so I thought I’d give it ago. Despite it being on my desk for a short while, the mask was cold when I applied it – and my god was it refreshing.

The mask sat comfortably on my face and was smothered in the product. Any which tried to trickle down my neck I just rubbed in.

When it came to taking it off, I really didn’t want to. I was enjoying the feeling of the mask on my face.
But once I took it off, I gently rubbed in the remaining product that was on my skin into my face and neck.

My face felt smooth, refreshed, and all over amazing.

About ten minutes after removing the mask, I felt a small bit of tightness on my cheeks.
This was in no way a bad feeling. But I was happy to feel it given it’s anti-ageing and helps the elasticity within your skin.

Next time I’m at home bargains, I plan on stocking up on this mask.
I could easily become someone who has a selection of facemasks to choose from just because I love using them, and this would be one of the masks I have multiple of.
Anti-Ageing Collagen Face Mask

I couldn’t recommend this mask more. I love it and wish I had it on hand right now to use again. I’ve tried Derma V10 before and they do deliver with quality, despite the amazingly cheap prices!

What facemasks do you like using?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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