How I Ensure I Drink Enough Water

Consuming enough water was something I never used to be bothered about at a younger age. I’d have a glass on hand at night and I’d always have a full bottle at school, but other than that I’d stick to drinking juices, fizzy drinks, tea’s, and then maybe water – should I fancy it.

Over the last year to year and a half, however, I have come to be more focused and interested in consuming the correct amount of water my body needs.

There are several benefits to drinking more water – and also getting water through fruits and other foods.

Some benefits of water:
•Flushes out toxins
•Increases brain power
•Boosts immune system
•Prevents headaches

How to drink enough water:


1. Take a glass of water with you to bed at night.
Should you need a drink, you have one on hand – I highly recommend taking a larger glass during hot weather – I usually take a 500ml or a pint glass with me as I do like to drink a lot. Sometimes I’ll go and top it up again before I go to sleep because I’ve drunk it all as I’ve been relaxing.

2. Drink the remaining water in the morning.
Got water that you didn’t drink during the night? Finish it off first thing. Consuming water when you first wake up gives you and your metabolism a good boost to the day. I like to take any vitamins and tablets first and then finish off the water.

3. Track your water consumption.
Technology can be amazing for so many reasons. You can get apps to track anything these days. I personally love using “My Water” to track my consumption. You can add more than just water to it, and it’ll tell you how much left you have to drink for your weight. You can set up how many reminders you’d like throughout the day, in case you do forget to drink.

4. Have any empty plastic bottles? Fill them up and keep them on you.
I have an empty plastic bottle which holds a litre of water. If I need to drink more, I find filling that up and having it at my desk while I work helps me with drinking more. I actually reach for it without realising and before I know it, the bottle’s empty!

5. Get into the habit of drinking more water.
Actually drinking more water regularly has made me want water more often. Once you start working to drink more, it’ll become a lot easier to stick to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Do you drink enough water? Or do you want to start drinking more? What’s your favourite beverage?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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