I Heart Revolution’s Chocolate Elixir Glow | Review

Hello everyone!
Today, I’ll be reviewing I ❤ Revolution’s Chocolate Elixir Glow highlighter palette!

This palette contains two beautiful highlighter shades: A light peachy-nude shade and a pink-rose gold shade.

One amazing feature? The smell. It has this beautiful chocolate smell!
Chocolate Elixir Glow Palette

The packaging is adorable, I find it simple yet very eye-catching.

This is a palette you can easily pack and take with you on travels. It’s the perfect size to just throw in your bag and take with you.
Chocolate Elixir Glow Palette

My main complaint with this palette is that it has little flecks in the powder, which when you apply it to your face can land anywhere nearby on your face, leaving you to look like you have small specs of glitter randomly on you.

Saying that it does seem to be a more subtle highlighter. When taking photos I managed to get one where the highlighter showed up great, but the rest just didn’t pop. But not everyone likes a Jeffree Star amount of highlighter, so if you prefer a subtle glow, why not give it a go?

Despite my two cons, I do think this is a sweet little palette. For the price it’s going for (£6.99 I believe) I think it’s a decent little palette!

What’s your favourite highlighter? And what’s your go-to shade?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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4 thoughts on “I Heart Revolution’s Chocolate Elixir Glow | Review

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love Revolution products – I have recently done a review on the Revolution Brow Tint so, if you’re interested, pop on over to my blog and have a read. Am planning on doing a series on Revolution products, as they’re so affordable it seems too good to be true! I love the packaging of this chocolate highlighter, but my all time favourite high-street highlighter HAS to be the Sleek Solstice palette, particularly the orange shade. Have you used it? x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely try it! It’s so worth the money – I use it every day! Am obsessed!
        I might give that a try myself too! Am most looking forward to trying their foundation stick

        Liked by 1 person

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