Notebook Therapy’s Planet And Stars Phone Case | Review

Hello everybody!
Today, I’d like to review this lovely little phone case I recently got for my new phone.

I recently went from an iPhone 5S to a refurbished iPhone 6S and of course, I needed a new case to help protect my phone.

In comes Notebook Therapy’s store!

They’re a store I’ve been following for a while on my blog’s Instagram and I’ve had my eye on this phone case for a few months now. It’s super cute and I love the style of it.

Planet and Stars Phone Case

This is a lovely phone case. It’s comfortable to hold and fits perfectly. People I’ve shown it to have loved the look of it too!

It sells for £7.50 but I was lucky enough to grab it during their 20% off sale, meaning I got it slightly cheaper!
Planet and Stars Close Up

It’s a beautiful design and I’m hoping to get in a stationary order with them at some point!

What phone case designs do you like?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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