Mini I Heart Revolution Haul

Hello everybody!

I am actually working all of this weekend, so when I realised I still didn’t have a blog post for today – as well as realising I wouldn’t be able to work on it Sunday morning if needed – I decided to bring you this mini haul instead of no post at all.I <3 Revolution Haul

I recently took a trip into town and visited Superdrug, I had the intent of getting Revolution’s new concealer to both use and review, but they didn’t have the shade I needed. Anyone else a C1?

Now, when buying these, two of the items were the wrong things I intended to buy, but despite that, I’m in love with them!

My haul consists of:
•Death By Chocolate eyeshadow palette (£8.99)
•Chocolate Elixir Glow palette (£6)
Green Tea Fixing Spray (£6)

I grabbed the chocolate palette from where the new violet palette should’ve been, and I used a tester which had a highlighter and bronzer (which was the perfect shade for my skin!) which was kept under the highlighter palette I grabbed.

The setting spray I meant to grab.

Green Tea Setting Spray

Thanks to Superdrug’s 3 for 2 sale this mini haul only cost me £14.99.

I’ll be mentioning this in their individual reviews, but can I just say, the two palettes smell of chocolate. I love it.

Next time I go to the store I’ll be looking at I Heart Revolution’s multi-liners, I’m very much interested in owning more lip liners – anyone else have incredibly uneven lips?! – as well as Revolution’s concealer. I will get my hands on one!

What beauty products have you got your eyes on? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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