Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviews, no matter how many you’ve had, can either be nerve-wracking or just be leaving you to feel completely unprepared.
So today, I hope to help you out a bit, giving you some advice and tips on how to get through your interviews!

Dress Code

No matter what the interview, always dress well for the interview. At a minimum, you should be wearing smart-casual. So long as you aim for smart-casual to smart clothing, you’ll be dressed right.

First Impressions

Always stand (and sit) tall when you’re entering, and are also in the room.

Make sure you go to shake the person’s hand when you go in too. It’s a simple polite, yet formal greeting which is always a good way to start off.

Question Prep

When talking to people who were all involved in a group interview, I learned that you could easily look up interview questions you could be asked during your interview.

All you have to do is search “[store/company] interview questions” and see what you find! I highly recommend this if you’re someone who feels more nervous or anxious when it comes to interviews

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”

I’ve had an interview or two before, where I wasn’t entirely sure – or just didn’t know – how to answer the question.
One time this happened when I was applying for a job at a hotels restaurant, I hadn’t done it before, told her I didn’t know, and she showed me. Took me around and gave me a quick tour of their dining area so I could see what happens within the place.

While it won’t always be that response, it’ll always be far better for both yourself and them to just be honest and say when you don’t know. If you claim to know and get asked to do it, it isn’t going to look good on your part.

I hope these help you out a bit! Have you had any interviews you thought went well? What about ones which didn’t?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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