My Go-To DIY Face mask

Facemasks are fantastic – unless it’s this sheet mask – and who doesn’t love a good pamper session?

Today, I’ll be showing you my much-loved face mask recipe.

The ingredients you buy (you only need to buy 2/3 things) will last you ages, so it does save you money compared to buying ready made masks – although don’t get me wrong, they’re fun too!

What you will need:

•Activated Charcoal*
•Green Clay Powder
• Water
Face mask ingredients

*I personally used the activated charcoal which comes in capsules. So for this recipe, I’ll be measuring with capsules instead of an exact measurement.

•This facemask is best applied with a brush of some kind. Especially if you use more water.


Activated Charcoal:
•Deep cleans your skin
•Shrinks pores
•Removes excess oil

Green Clay Powder:
Facemask ingredients

How to:

1. Taking a bowl you don’t mind using for facemasks, take one activated charcoal capsule and open it over the bowl, emptying the contents into it.

2. In the same bowl, pour out approximately the same amount of the green clay powder.

3. Water. For this, you need enough water for it to become a mask, but if you add too little, it won’t easily apply all over your face, but apply too much and it’ll just drip instead of work.
It takes a few tries to get it exactly how you like it – I personally prefer the mask a bit thicker – but once you get the hang of how you like it, it’s fantastic.

4. Once you’ve mixed the water, activated charcoal, and green clay powder together, take your brush and apply it to your face, avoiding the eye area.

Leave the mask on until it’s dried – but make sure it’s on no longer than 20 minutes (whichever happens first!)

After that, all you have to do is wash it off with luke-warm water, pat dry your face, and apply moisturiser.

Enjoy the soft skin!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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