50 Fundraising Ideas

For this, I tried to get a good variety of ideas. Some more creative than others, some being classics, while others can be easier to organise compared to others.

I hope this gives you some help when it comes to your next fundraising session!

1. Cake Sale

2. Clothing Sale

3. Shaving Hair

4. Dying Hair (bright/crazy colours)

5. Film Screening

6. Outdoor Film Screening

7. Drinks and Snacks at your/an event

8. Bingo Night

9. Game Night (Board/Console)

10. Dance Event

11. karaoke

12. Face Painting

13. Walkathon

14. Supermarket Packing

15. Charity Auction

16. Battle of the bands (Actual bands, or console version)

17. Car Wash

18. Nail Painting (I suggest doing it if you’re qualified, or have a qualified friend)

19. Live Show (Theatre, Performances, Music, Comedy, etc)

20. Non-uniform (school/work edition)

21. Raffle

22. Barbecue (can combine with others)

23. Fashion Show

24. Easter egg hunt

25. Themed Party (80’s, 90’s, Genre, etc)

26. Murder Mystery Party

27. Quiz Night

28. Swear Box

29. Tea Party/Afternoon Tea

30. Funfair-style games

31. Tarot and/or Pendulum Readings

32. Haunted House

33. Odd Jobs/Chores

34. Water Balloon Fight

35. Yoga Night (or a fitness class of your choice)

36. Sponsored Silence

37. Waxing (Requires a qualified being)

38. Carol Singing

39. Art Exhibition

40. Beauty Night

41. Book Sale

42. Car Boot Sale

43. Coffee Morning

44. Fancy Dress

45. Fun Run

46. 24 Hour Challenges

47. Talent Contest

48. Casino Night

49. Cocktail Evening

50. Sponsored Weightloss

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial.

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