Makeup Brush Cleaning | Doing on a budget

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be bringing you the first post to my Doing on a Budget series!

This series – you guessed it – is all about being able to do things on a budget, I’ve got plans for what I want to include within this series, but if there’s anything you’d like to see done on a budget – tell me! I’ll be happy to take on some challenges!

So today, I’ll be going over how to do the dreaded task every makeup lover hates. Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges.

If you’re like me, you go too long without doing this, so when you get round to it, you have to clean all of them, even if you only used a handful, because all the unused ones are now dusty.
Please say that’s not just me?!
Makeup brushes

Anyway, I’m sure you all know the benefits of cleaning your makeup tools – other than having them not looking a mess – but in case you don’t, here’s a few:

•Prevents breakouts
•Prevents bacteria from growing/spreading
•Increases longevity of brushes

So with that tidbit said, let’s get on to cleaning these brushes!

You will need:
A Sink
Makeup brushes
Hand soap (preferably antibacterial)
Silicone brush cleaner (optional)
A place to let them dry

You have two options:
1- Fill the sink so far with water
2- Run the tap when it comes to washing the brush, turning it off in between

Option 1 may mean you have to refill the sink from time to time, depending just how dirty your brushes are.
Silicone Brush Cleaner

I got this silicone brush cleaner off of eBay for either 99p or £1.99 – and I highly recommend it! It really helps me with my brush cleaning and also saves my hand a bit!
Of course, if you don’t have one of these to hand, you can just apply a small amount of soap to your hand instead of this.

What to do:
Apply a small amount of hand soap to your hand or brush cleaner.
Start swirling the brush – or brushing the sponge against – the soap, making sure it gets all the way through
Rince when you see fit and apply some more soap and repeat
Do this until your brushes come out clean (depending on how dirty your brushes are, you could do step two anywhere from 1-4 times)
Once your brushes are clean, ensure the bigger brushes are in the correct shape to dry and place them on the towel
Leave your brushes for at least half a day – preferably a whole day – to ensure they’re fully dry
Enjoy your clean brushes!

While it’s not using a proper brush cleaner, I find using an antibacterial soap definitely helps to clean up my brushes.

I hope this has helped you when it comes to cleaning your brushes cheaply, but effectively.

How often do you clean your brushes?

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Cleaning | Doing on a budget

  1. Interesting post! Never seen that silicone brush cleaner it sounds amazing! Never thought about using hand soap usually use shampoo but might try hand soap next time!

    Liked by 1 person

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