E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen | Review

Hello everybody!
Today, we’re going to be reviewing an eyeliner from e.l.f cosmetics!

E.l.f is a drugstore brand based more on the cheaper end. They’re an affordable brand with a range of products from makeup, to skincare, to tools.

“To express yourself more without breaking the bank.”

I bought this eyeliner a little while back, I was in need of an eyeliner and only had a small budget. E.l.f had just recently arrived at my local Superdrug and I was looking for any excuse to go and see the products in person!

e.l.f eyeliner

I hadn’t used a felt liner in a while and figured it wouldn’t harm to try this one – especially considering it was only £3!

This waterproof liner claims to “enhances the lash line with rich waterproof colour”. This is also cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

To keep the product coming out of the pen, you can close the cap and shake the pen. They sell this pen in three colours, and I grabbed the black for my needs.

e.l.f eyeliner

The pen itself
Personally, I think the felt pen itself, is a good size, pretty perfect for me.

When it comes to the colour, it’s not as rich as I expected it to be, but going over it will make it darker.

The most annoying issue is, I find myself constantly having to put the cap on and shake the pen to keep the product coming, I’ve had to do this since first buying it.
Because of this, wing’s aren’t the easiest to do with this, so I tend to stick to just lining my lid.
eyeliner swatches

Despite the negative comments on this product, once it’s one, it lasts incredibly well. I wore it for several hours today and it still looked the same when I came to remove it.

Given that it cost me only £3, I understand it’s not going to be perfect, but for someone needing an eyeliner in a pinch, and don’t bother with thick wings, I’d definitely suggest giving it ago.

Have you tried this eyeliner before? What about any other e.l.f products?

If you enjoyed this and would like me to review more of e.l.f’s products, let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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