My skin care tips

As I’ve hit my twenty’s I’ve realised my interests in makeup have shifted to skin care. While I did always try my best to have good skin (combination, acne prone. I hate you, skin!) I’ve definitely tried to become more dedicated to taking care of my skin.

Besides, I’ll never get a flawless makeup application if I don’t start off with a well-kept, and prepped base!

So I thought it would be fun (and perhaps beneficial) to share with you some tips and tricks I follow and have also learnt!

I’ll do my best to keep these in some sort of order, but I can’t make any promises!

Water first thing/in general
When I go to bed at night I always take a glass of water with me, I may get thirsty before I sleep, or even during the night. When I wake up, I make sure that the first thing I drink is whatever water is left from the night before! Be it slightly under a pint or 50ish millilitres.
Having water first gives your metabolism that boost in the morning (or, whatever time you get out of bed) and since switching to water before anything else, I have started to feel much better!

‘Drink lots of water’. Something we constantly hear, and something we’re all sick of hearing. While I wouldn’t say it has dramatically improved my skin – I unfortunately still have a lot of texture and some lines across my forehead – it has helped me more than when I didn’t consume as much water.
To make sure you’re drinking enough for your body weight, you can easily find apps which remind you to drink and you can easily update. This has helped me a lot.

Hand Cream
Live by it, embrace it. Hand cream, everybody needs it. Did you know your hands are one of the first parts of your body to show signs of ageing?  So prevent it with a good hand cream!
I’m currently loving this Royal Jelly moisture rich hand cream – and a perk, it’s cruelty-free! – It doesn’t feel sticky at all and quickly absorbs into the skin! The last hand cream I used, did not top this. I couldn’t recommend it more.
Hand and Cuticle cream

Your Neck
Whatever you do to your face, you do to your neck! Simple.
Exfoliating your face? Do your neck too.
Cleansing? Don’t forget that neck!
Toner? Moisturiser? Neck!

Your neck is another part of your body which is one of the first to show signs of ageing! There’s no point in going through all that skincare on your face, only to ignore your neck. It can be good to also get the top of your chest, I’d definitely do this when applying sunscreen!
While I’m still looking for a good sunscreen for my face and neck (got any you love? Tell me below!) I want to make sure that when I do apply, I get my face, all of my neck and my chest (depending on how the shirt/dress sits)

Invest in a good lip balm
Now, I’m not sure how often this happens to anyone else, but when I use certain products or run out of my favourite lip balm, while my lips get dry, the corners of my mouth crack. This is not a pretty sight, and it certainly doesn’t feel nice either. It can be incredibly sore, especially when the cracked skin falls off and leaves me with worse looking lips. My one major lifesaver for this is lip balms containing a lot of oils and natural ingredients.

But before we get into that, let’s talk quickly about ingredients in lip balms you want and must avoid.
Camphor, Phenol, and Menthol. These are three ingredients which once the balm is applied, dry up quickly leaving your lips feeling dry. The more this happens the more you feel the need to reapply, causing wasted product, and no lip remedy.

The lip balm which has saved my lips is the Burt’s Bees Ultra conditioning lip balm. I always keep this close by, if my lips have cracked from a bad product or running out of the previous tube, applying this several times in one day will heal it up good as new.
It has to be this exact balm for me, I’ve tried the ordinary version which contains mainly beeswax (I believe) and my lips just didn’t heal or hydrate as much as they do with this one. If you struggle with sore lips, then please, trust me on this. It costs around £4.50 (I forget exactly – sorry!) and is worth every penny.

Double the eye cream!
A tip I saw somewhere (most likely twitter) was to use two eye creams, one in the morning and the other at night. This is said to give better results and damn, it does.
I like using my cream one in the morning, as at night I’d always accidentally rub it into my eyes – ow – and the gel one at night. The results have been amazing! All those fine lines forming under my eyes started disappearing and I was so happy. I do my best to keep this up every day for the results.
eye creams

I’ve been loving both of these eye creams, and once empty I will most likely be repurchasing (unless I find one which catches my eye – or if you have any you’d like to recommend!)

Thank you for taking the time to read up on my skincare tips, I hope you’ve found at least one of these useful! While I understand when reading, it seems a lot, but in reality, it barely affects your daily lifestyle.
Now I’m in my twenties I’ve been looking a lot more into anti-ageing skincare, so if you’d like to see something on that in the future, show this post some love to let me know!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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