Money Saving Tips

Saving money is something everyone should be doing. Whether it’s saving just for the sake of it, or saving to invest in your future, everyone should be saving at least something.

Saving Coins
Saving up your small change will allow you to add money to your bank after so many months.
Within the UK you can put £1 worth of 1p’s or 2p’s, or £5 worth of 5p’s into your bank when you have that amount.
While it is something that will take longer, it will help you out with adding to your current account.

Saving your paycheck
If you still live at home and earn a living, then you should be saving at least half of your paycheck. Of course, there are different variables to this: how much you’re earning, the number of hours, etc. But if you’re earning a decent amount, don’t spend it all. You’ll regret it in the long run.

If you can’t set aside at least half, then make sure to set aside a certain amount monthly. It’s better to increase the numbers slowly than to save none at all.

Making food and taking it with you, will most certainly always be cheaper than eating out, or buying to go.
Choose packed meals over buying out and save those extra coins!

Second Hand
Second hand will always be cheaper than brand new. Your thrift stores can contain so many good items, it’d be stupid not to look every now and then.
Sites like eBay and depop have so many things you can get for cheaper prices. Trust me when I say it’s worth looking!

Pay with cash
When it comes to buying things when you’re out, do what you can to pay with cash.
It’s a lot easier to spend more money on your card compared to cash. Take out so much for your shopping spree and stick to spending just the cash in hand. The motion of actually handing over money will make you more aware of what you’re spending.

I hope these gave you some help when it comes to saving money. I tried to include different ways of saving and not just stick to one area. If you’d like to read more of this, let me know!

Until next time,
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2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips

  1. A lot of people are the opposite with spending cash. Because it’s not in their bank account, it’s already been removed from their budgeting and kind of gets interpreted as something that doesn’t need to be paid as much attention to.

    Like, I personally put everything I buy on my credit card for the cash back. Everything is at a discount if it goes on the card. I don’t have issues with impulse buying, though.


    1. I like your take on it! I don’t think I’m an impulse buyer either, while I like to have some cash on hand it’s usually just my card – Although saying that, if I do have the cash I’d rather use that? It feels like I’m not using up what I’ve got in the account.

      But that could also be down to the amount an individual spends when shopping.

      Definitely interesting to debate!

      Liked by 1 person

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