What I Use For My Backdrops

Hello everybody!
Today we’re going to talk about something I’ve been working on since I started blogging. Photos. Or more importantly, what I do to give my images pretty backgrounds.

NYX Cosmetics flat lay
NYX Cosmetics flay lay taken from @survivingmillennial on Instagram

When it comes to backdrops, I want something inexpensive, yet effective.

Also, given the fact I work with limited space, I wanted something which would be easy to set up and put away.

In comes wallpaper!

I currently have 7 pieces of wallpaper samples and use them as backdrops. They’re different styles and patterns which I think greatly help my photos.

I also have a decent sized piece of vinyl, which I took from the scrap after we redid our kitchen, there were several leftover pieces and I nabbed one and just never returned it – but it didn’t need returning so, perfect!

Pressed Glitter Palette
Wood effect wallpaper


Whether I want the vinyl piece as my background or not, I’ll always place it down first. It’s a thick piece and makes a great base for the wallpapers to lie on.
For the time being, I use this method and it produces good pieces, I do hope, in the near future, to get some wooden boards and stick the paper down. This’ll save me some time when it comes to setting up.

This is a cheap (wallpaper samples are free!) and effective way to up your photo game! While I’m no expert yet, this has definitely helped me with improving my photo quality!

Cuticle remover
Marble pattern wallpaper


I hope this gave you a new way to try taking blog photos! Do you take photos using wallpaper? Or do you use other things for backgrounds? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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