A Writer’s Gift Guide

Hello everybody!
Today I thought I’d bring you this gift guide which you can use for ideas for your writer friends. Whether they’re bloggers, authors, freelance, anything! Sometimes you know what to buy somebody, and sometimes you just need help. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

My aim for this guide is that it can be for any occasion. Birthday, Christmas, any sort of holiday or event where you’d be gifting them something.

Note: when searching for gifts, or even gifts on a budget (Again, we’ve all been there. We’re not made of money!) I’d highly recommend you look through Etsy, Depop, and even eBay. Depending on what you’re after, you could find some great things.
If you want to keep shipping costs low on Etsy, you can filter it to only find items from your country! Helps you with the overall cost, while still helping small businesses!

I’ve rambled long enough so let’s begin!

Cute and/or Quirky mugs.
Writer and blogger mugs aren’t hard to come by in stores online! You can find more than just writing themed ones too, got a boss friend and want them to show that off via a hot beverage? Personalised or funny, motivating or just plain cute, there’s a mug for everyone. Besides, who doesn’t like a hot drink?!

If there’s one thing that comes with being a writer, 99% of the time, it is being a notebook hoarder! Whether it’s because you’re actually going to use them, claim you’re actually going to use them, or just buy them purely because they look nice, a notebook could be a really useful gift for your writer friend.
I personally love and prefer using notebooks for taking notes, compared to writing them down on technology. There’s still something about writing it down by hand that helps me when getting organised. Plus, I love planning in a beautiful looking notebook!

Cute Stationary, Cats
That notebook hoarder of yours may also be a stationary addict. If so they’ll most likely love some cute or quirky (yet functional) stationary! Ever since I bought my cute pens I’ve been going to them more than my usual pens. They’re comfy to hold, the ink glides nicely, and they’re adorable.

Tech Accessories.
While this seems like a broad thing, there are actually various options, some being:
•Keyboards for iPads/Other tablets
•USB sticks (simple style or a fun casing)
•USB Mug Warmer (you need to google these!)
With some research you could find some accessories/gear which could greatly benefit the person you’re buying for. Or you could even find something fun or unique that would be perfect for as a small gift (whether it be a stocking filler, or a set budget gift)

Gift Cards.
Whether they’re working from home or in an office with others, sometimes they need a treat. Whether it be a gift card to their favourite drinks shop (Starbucks or Costa anyone?) or a card to one of their favourite stores, you can get gift cards for a number of things, just know their interest and it’ll be appreciated!

Tea and/or Coffee.
If you’d rather skip the gift cards and go straight to their favourite beverage, why not? Whether it’s their go to or a small bundle of different styles/flavours (You can buy various styles of green tea for example!) Get them a new variation to try while they’re hard at work. Hey, if they really like a flavour, they’ll probably go for more! Success!

Swatch Stencils.
Now, I completely understand that this one may not be for everyone. But if you have a blogger or beauty friend who likes taking swatches of products, then why not buy them some stencils?
You can find sites which sell a variety of stencils, with different themes, sizes, and bundles. Help them step up their swatching game or just add to their growing collection!
Swatch Stencil Result

I hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful! Whether you’ve seen something you know you’ll get or even found some inspiration.
I know for me, gift ideas can sometimes be really tricky sometimes, so I thought I’d try and create a small guide with quite a few useful options.
Of course, there’s never anything wrong with flat out asking them what they’d like, but just in case you get an “I don’t know”, here you go!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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