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Derma V10 Deep Moisturising Foot Pack Review

Hello everyone!
Today we’ll be doing another little review. Except instead of facemasks, we’ll be talking about foot masks!
Foot Mask

I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried a foot mask before. I do remove the dead skin and moisturise, praying my feet stay soft for a bit longer before the cycle repeats itself.

This mask contains Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E. You separate the foot masks, but them open, put your feet in, close it up and wait 10 minutes. Easy and simple.
Foot Mask Details

The mask really gives you a cool feeling, which is definitely refreshing on the warmer days. I decided to wear it while getting some writing done so I wouldn’t be moving around too much, but, if you do need to move around you can. You may get the odd squelch when you move – which is actually pretty funny – but you can move around well.

The wasp I ran from can confirm this.

I found it easier to remove one mask, massage in the excess product, and then do the same to the other mask. I wore some socks for a little while, just while the remaining product soaked in, and then removed the socks to feel the softest feet ever. My dry and sore heels felt so much better. I was most definitely impressed with this.
Foot Mask On

I grabbed this mask from Home Bargains, and I’ll most definitely be grabbing a small handful of these next time I go. It’s perfect for just a one-off, or to be used with a pamper routine.

Got a foot mask you like using? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,
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