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Surviving Millennial’s Etsy Store!


Hello everybody!
Today, we are finally talking about what you may have seen linked at the end of my last few posts. Our Etsy store!

Our store is SurvivingMillennial (we couldn’t add a space) and we currently sell blogger and girl boss inspired prints.

I use the word ‘currently’ because we hope to add more prints (and more ranges) in the future!

Our prints are digital downloads meaning there are no shipping fees, no wait time, you just pay and get your unwatermarked version!

The idea behind these prints is that you can use them as backgrounds, or print them off and use them as decor!
You can stick them to a wall, frame them, anything you want.

All prints sell for only £2.40!
Right now, we have 14 prints on the store so feel free to go and check them all out!

If you get and use any prints, make sure you tag us on one of our socials!

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

Etsy Store!

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