Pressed Glitter Palette Review | AD

Legacy CO. are no longer online. Feel free to read the review, but no links will be in the post.

Hello everybody!
Today I’ll be talking about this gorgeous sparkly palette!

I’ll be going over all the details, the packaging, the glitter (and my favourite colours in here!) the price, and how to apply it!

But first of all, can we please appreciate the glitter here?

Glitter Palette Swatches
How beautiful is that when the light catches?!

This palette is from Legacy CO, an online store selling makeup, jewellery, clothing, and more!
Pressed Glitter Palette
Let’s start off with the palette. The palette itself sells for £6.30.
The packaging itself is nice but cheap. You’re definitely paying for the product here!

As you can see, the palette contains 15 glittery shades.
Glitter Pallette inside
The colours you get (from left to right):
Row 1: Iridescent, Coral-Pink, Pale Olive-ish Green, Deep Purple, Orange-Gold.
Row 2: Silver, Bright Blue, Nude-Pink, Lavender Purple, Deep Pink.
Row 3: Pale Pink, Purple, Red, Gold, Rich Orange.
I described these to the best of my ability, make sure you look at the photos to see if you’d agree or not!

Glitter Swatches on Fingers
The glitter is very small and each pressed in their own palette. The product comes with a clear plastic piece to keep the glitter covered while not in use.

How to apply:
You can either apply the glitter with your fingers or a brush! It states on the palette that best results are from using your fingers!

While I’m no pro when it comes to glitter, I’ve been loving playing with this!

If you’re starting to get into makeup, or looking to build up a kit on a budget, I’d highly recommend this to you, you get 15 colours which are a good variety too! Perfect for anyone!

Glitter Swatches - favourites
My favourites: Iridescent, Deep Purple, Deep Pink, Rich Orange.
My overall favourite probably has to be the Rich Orange because to me, it is such an autumn colour, and I adore autumn.

What do you think of these colours? Are you interested in getting the palette?
Buy it here: *I get a small commission per sale*
Price: £6.30
Contents: 15 pressed glitter shades.

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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