Tech I Like and Use

Hello everybody!
Today, I thought it’d be fun to talk about and show off some of the tech I like and use pretty much daily.

This post is inspired by the lovely Wiishu’s, and you can see her post here!

After reading this post when it first came out, I realised there were gadgets that I went to religiously, without even fully realising it. It’d just become a normal part of my daily routine or at least a regular thing in my lifestyle.

iPhone 5S

Yes, the obvious one, my phone. While my phone is something I literally use daily, I’ve used it a lot more (R.I.P battery) for social media work since I started my blogging journey.
With my phone, I’ve been able to easily update my social media sites (which you can find here)
and keep up with personal challenges, such as posting daily to my blogs Instagram.

Desktop, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Since upgrading from my laptop to a desktop, I’ve been taken away by just how quick everything works again. Being on my computer is a daily thing for me now, what with having emails to sort, blog posts to write, photos to edit etc, etc.
Blogging wise, not having to deal with lagging or any other computer issues has been a huge relief, being able to sit and write while listening to a stream in the background really gets me working. I couldn’t be happier with this computer.

3rd Gen iPad

Older than my iPhone, I’m surprised it’s still running well (albeit refusing to update right now) It’s my go-to thing when I want to chill. I have the youtube app, a solitaire app – yes, I love playing solitaire! – I even like writing in the notes when creativity hits.
It’s a 3rd Gen iPad, and I hope I continue to get good use out of it.

Nikon D5200
Nikon D5200

I love my little Nikon, it’s a camera I couldn’t recommend more.
This is the camera I use to take all of my blog photos. It’s easy to use, a decent weight (although if you’re trying to photograph something one-handed without a tripod, your hand may cramp slightly)
It has a screen which you can pull out and turn to face any way you want. This makes it especially helpful when trying to take self-portraits – see my BlackBetty post for photos.

Amazon Fire Tablet
Amazon Fire Tablet

This little guy I saved up and purchased two years ago. I use it for all of my digital reading material. My iPad memory was starting to get full so I moved over my wattpad and fanfiction apps over, so I can read from those on there, and also read Kindle books too!
While I go in and out of reading, once I get going again, it is almost always in use.

WiiU Game Pad

While I don’t think they’re as common anymore (or at least I’ve been lead to believe) I got this WiiU for Christmas and I enjoy using it.
I’ve got a few Mario games my partner and I play together, as well as some others we get very competitive with. One of my favourites on there though is the Japanese app. Which teaches you to read and write in Japanese.
I am very out of practice when it comes to my Japanese studies right now, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

While I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there, I do enjoy my gadgets. So I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this little insight into some of the things I like using and use in my day to day life.

Until next time,
Surviving Millennial!

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